Umar Agareth into cherufism

Umar Agareth was a master beguiler. His secrets and talent have imprinted upon your cherufe form.

As a full round action, you can expend 5 essence points, and you cast dominate person as a supernatural ability. The DC is equal to 10 + half your hit dice (rounded down) + your charisma modifier. So 26 right now. Your effective caster level for this ability is equal to your Hit Dice. This is for the purpose of determining range and duration. Anyone who resists you is immune to the effect for 24 hours.

People infected with your plague have a -5 to their roll, and it only costs 2 essence points.

Also remember that you already could (and still can) charm infected people at will. Dominate is a sizable step up though.

This power is inheritable. If you turn other people into cherufs, this ability will pass to them like genetics. But if they’re too low level, they won’t have the spirit pool to use the ability. (And maybe the ability might be dormant. They might only be carriers, just like with genetic traits, and pass it on to others. Seems like it could be a cool mechanic).

Why don’t we drop the whole “can’t feed to much in one day” thing? It’s complicating it too much. And it seems you’re doing a fine job raising your burn rate just by dying a lot. Feed to your hearts content from now on.

Also I was considering an interesting possibility for how you and your plague interact. Your character never got around to learning how to use urns as a place of refuge, and it doesn’t look like it will happen since he doesn’t know to do so.

But what if all your victims are places of refuge for you? When you die, your ashes drift through the air to the nearest infected person and flow into them. For you, they are a walking talking urns.

When Dracula came to England from Romania, he brought with him twenty or so coffins. Each of them were place of refuge he could retreat to. Quency, Sewert, Helsing, and Harker had to go around and destroy or sanctify every single one before they could target Dracula. Others would have to cure or kill all your infected for you to ever truly die. (Or they could just blast you with disintegrate.)

Umar Agareth into cherufism

So it begins... Flibbles