So it begins...

Five adventurers walk into a dungeon


  • AJ (Dauthi – drow cleric)
  • Nick C (Quoben Darktracker – half-elf wizard)
  • Nick M (Weymar – human fighter)
  • Brian (Jik Chelos – human barbarian)
  • Aidan (unnamed – half-elf ranger)


Over two hundred years ago, historians point to this day as the day it all began. Five explorers burst in the door of a seemingly abandoned military outpost carved into a hill. To this day, we’re not sure who was in that original party, but early records suggest it was a Dark Elf outcast and his mercenary, a spear-wielding barbarian, a half-elf wizard, and a ranger. We know now that this is utterly false.

Archeological findings tell a different tale. Whoever these men were, they were in for a surprise the moment they walked in the door…

These men had no idea what they were getting into. Half of them expected this to be their final ‘hurrah!’. They had no idea they would be the spark that would jump start the entire ordeal that reached to every end of the planet. I think it’s safe to say literally everyone was affected by what happened in that cave.

-Prof. Markheim Zilwager (Historian/Sahri Royal Academy)

They experience trouble right from the get-go. In the centuries since it’s abandonment, a tribe of kobolds had taken up residence. Almost immediately, a fight broke out.

It was a slaughter. These men weren’t expecting the fight, but kobolds are scavengers. They don’t fight. They run.

-Kilton Strongwind (Combat specialist/Royal tactical research)

The group killed the kobolds by the score (11). But the creatures were not entirely defenseless. Their feather-donning leader had a stolen arcanic wand which launched forth powerful gusts of winds. It gave the kobolds times to escape into the darker, more organic parts of the outpost.

Further in they encountered their first real threat. Centipedes. This was a fight they were entirely unprepared for.

…they’d swing their swords. The swarm would split. They’d throw things. The centipedes would just get out of the way. All the while, the centipedes were biting, crawling, eating. The group had no idea what to do.

-Kilton Strongwind

Ultimately, the group resorted to fire. They threw oil lanterns from the walls. They lit furniture on fire to smother and block the centipedes. They drove the centipedes off, but not without cost.

It was at this point the group doubled back to the crypt. That was where the group came face to face with a terrible sight. Undead. The risen bodies of the soldiers who’d lived and died there so long ago. They were out of their crypts, but they were standing completely motionless. Until the bodies were disturbed.

They’d never encountered anything like this before. No one had. It was terrifying. You have to realize these people had never heard rumors about them. They didn’t know what brought them back to life, or why they screamed. This was the first time anyone had ever encountered The Tormented before now. They didn’t expect to be swarmed the way they were. It nearly cost them their lives.

-Prof. Markheim Zilwager

The party quickly found themselves surrounded, fighting for their lives. The screams were deafening. The corpses clawed for them like beggars on the street. Only through sheer luck and perseverance did the party manage to escape and lock the undead inside.

At this point, the party was so grievously injured that they had to call a retreat, with the intent to return the next day.

…what was supposed to be simple search and recovery mission ended up being more than they could handle. They had to run back to their camp with their tails between their legs. I sometimes wonder how the world would have gone if they’d decided to never come back…

-Prof. Markheim Zilwager



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