Sahrian NPCS:

Wodaunfein – Drow; Emissary of house De’ep
Zuckarest Annavim – Court-appointed lawyer representing party vs. Comstock
Dame Elana – Old champion of RethAelin; closet Urgathua follower
Duke Staff Armando – Duke presiding over Gemini Pass and SW Sahrian Republic
Don Sabbatino – Thief who runs the dock district in RethAelin
Angradd Coldwin – Drunk, abusive weretiger

Mantonese NPCS:

Gilgamesh Wutherford – Lord Wutherford

Chillburn NPCS:

Endo Malorie – This is the man who was supposedly going to hitch a ride with Cornelios Sander, only he never showed up in Chillburn.
Cornelios Sander – The church leader of the Sarenrae sect that’s settled into Chillburn.
Angradd Coldwin – And his family

Sahrian Wizard’s Guild

  • Sulemon RethAelin guild chapter president
    • That’s the guy you’re talking about. His name is written down in Boston, although AJ has it too. Maybe we should just change it again.
    • Not senior, but he’s got combat experience. While not the strongest of the conclave, he may be the best fighter.
    • He’s a dick, and he hates you guys, but he’s not actually a bad person once you get past his prickly shell. He’s good at his job.
  • Elemendor
    • Gentle dude. Very much like Dumbledore.
    • He got killed by Darius Logan, then resurrected.
    • He was Dr. Albert Snider’s master. Found the boy in the streets of Duran, took him in. Often provided council, even mid game.
  • Damoron Mightly
    • Owner of Damorania. Spent a long time very dead after Gith invaded his demiplane. Lent aid to the party afterward.
  • Other members.
  • Chief member of council still has no notes or ideas.
Soltari’s initial contacts

Cordwin El’an
Eldarin El’an
They work in dyes.

Simyra Do’Tal – Younger Aunt
Phyrra Do’Tal – Older Aunt, more ambitious
Lythandra Do’Tal – Cousin


So it begins... Flibbles