So it begins...

Gemini Peak
Fire walk with me

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  • The group accepts a mission from Mercurio to retrieve the Gnosis Root from the masked man. He supposedly left the root with three witches living at Gemini Peak.
  • Group travels there. Town is uncooperative, yet polite. Everyone they meet has either suffered family tragedy or suffers from an ailment.
  • They find the witches. Sneak in. Steal the Root. Leave
  • They don’t take any precautions against scrying.
  • On their way back. Soltari goes blind one night. Quoben turns into a dog the next. Darius gets cursed the third and runs into the woods.
Who Knows what Lurks in the Shadow District

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  • The group returned to announce their success in Shvarta.
  • They get assigned to deal with Mercurio, who’s been running things out of the Shadow District
  • The group prepares a lot.
  • The group goes in, finds it deserted, but eventually encounters someone matching Mercurio’s description walking along.
  • They attack, the man disappears into a tree. Shadows attack, they kill them off.
  • They delve into a house with a mining project inside.
  • They fight spiders and strange spider-like monsters
  • They delve deeper and find an underground grove where everything is dying.
  • They get attacked by the Quickwood Guardian. It drives them off at first, but the group returns and kill it through sheer sticktoitivness.
I want the Heart; I need the Head; WHAT ABOUT MY SLAVES?!

Last time on Dungeons and Dragons Z,

Jik and the Boys negotiated with the city councilors after the death of the Dapha, the Beholder. The group encountered one of the mercenaries hired on the fly for the distraction raid. Unfortunately, they found him covered in his own filth and up to his elbows in guard blood. However the councilors, apparently not want to cry over spilt guard blood, asked Jik and the Boys and this dirty newcomer to help them regain control of the city.

After hearing a report of various problems throughout the city the group decided to go after the dickish Charvat in the Garden District. It was rumored (then proven true) that this man was a collector of creatures and people. Some to keep for himself, some to sell.

After preparing to infiltrate Charvat’s estate the group’s recon expert Devlin found a way into a back hallway which ended up being holding cells for various humans and creatures. Soltari reminded everyone he is a Drow by voicing his personal opinions on the ownership of life and everyone more or less roundly disagreed with him. The group fought some guards then let loose the beings in the different rooms. The last room held the greatest treasure in the form of a Sphinx. Feeling that they bypassed some greater test by just freeing the Sphinx and not talking to it, making eye contact with it, or breathing in its presence the group decided to try the Star War Gambit.

The group took the smelly human (who is actually a smelly werehuman) to the front door in an attempt to gain an audience with Charvat to sell the werewolf.

Through some cunning word play Jik and the Boys gained their audience and sprung their trap to take down Charvat midst all his guards. They won! and then proceeded to each try their hand at various autopsy techniques.

Bapha's Vault

{{DM Quick notes until SOMEONE ELSE FILLS THIS OUT!}}

  • The group killed Bapha by poisoning him with Drow poison (note to DM: nerf drow poison)
  • Devlin stole a comb. It’s important to him now.
  • The group found Bapha’s staff of artifacts.
  • A vanity mirror with shimmering glass. All reflected in it look strange.
  • A steel orb
  • A ceremonial mask
  • An intricate bag
  • A lantern (already owned)
A Breakdown in Politics

{{Quick notes from the DM… probably the only notes that’ll be made}}

  • The Drow the group is traveling with is named: Medeiro of house Dori. His house specializes in textiles.
  • The coastal city the group arrived in the city from is named: Gemloch
  • The group got information about the warehouse district from a druggy named: Lazerus
  • Known RethAelin Councilors
  • Councilor Endaku: The group saved him from assassination. Opposes the Unified Front Bill.
  • Councilor Bubut: This man is Aidan’s target. Is proposing the Unified Front Bill.
  • Councilor Margot: This woman’s house contained passage to an Urgathua cult. Presumably she knew about this. Adrian Comstock ran against her in the election and lost, and felt that she discredited his name in the process.
  • There are 6 other councilors.
  • The councilor the group saved from assassination is named: Councilor Endaku
  • The group heard about a wand shop that’s still open named: Aju’s Wands.
  • In the assassination party…
  • The Gith wizard is: Ashtus
  • The Drow cleric is: Arwel
  • The Half-orc fighter was: unknown
  • The Elvin Ranger was: Eron
The Peaceful Westerfield Abbey

{{Quick facts from the DM}}

  • The invaders are looking for Constantine’s Gavel.
  • The name of the Cleric aiding the invaders: Toldoss
  • The inn/townhouse in Westerfield: The Draw n’ Drink
  • Westerfield Abbey’s father superior: Father Chandler
Cortez Cleansing

The group returned to the Cortez Crypt. This time they killed all the vampires and undead they could find. The main vampire, a woman, who was working on some alchemical something managed to escape.

Betrayal in the Group

{{DM stub}}

The group ventured into the crypt of Baron Cortez. They didn’t make it far before Gab Denton turned against the group. He nearly got them all killed, but they eventually drove him off.

The group retreated, to return another day.

The Baron, in the Hall, with the Fangs

The human’s Golden City, a beacon of commerce (and all that comes with it), came under siege last week. Were the rumors true? Did this band of adventurers have something to do with its downfall? Only time will tell and only one thing is for certain. Wherever they go, the undead will crop up. You were right in suggesting I join them on their journeys. Just now! Even as I write this letter they are scurrying around the keep of Baron Cortez on the hunt for some off-putting smell! Obviously something is amiss here with a Baron being summoned to his own door to address calls. And while I must hand it to the Lord for his choice of bloomage it is quite odd that he would have so many flowers adorning his halls. There may very well be undead here but to ransack a man’s home when he’s offered you dinner? That’s just impolite! Another bang, another pair of feet scurrying up and down the stairs. The master is in the kitchen preparing a meal for seven by himself! I helped as best I could, playing the dutiful role of subservient maid (as humiliating as it is, I’m getting quite good at it) all the while keeping a keen eye on the Baron to make sure he didn’t slip something into the meals. However I was hard pressed to keep my attention devoted to him, what with Weymar, Jik and Devlin popping in. Devlin had the gall to place his hands upon the Baron! Never in all my years have I seen such an act. Had this been the Underdark he would not have left that kitchen alive. Had we been in the Underdark he would also had been a slave working the kitchen… so there’s that too. And much like the humans and their “warfare” this party of adventures go stomping around like… like… I’m too aggravated to think of the common translation. Like Varvinsill! And not even fully grown Varvinsill. Larval Varvinsill. Luckily I’ve retired to the study and liberated a decent vintage from the pantry to keep me company until dinner. I’ve found a most interesting book and have to pen a few more missives before the night is out. All in preparation of our arrival in Faircrest. Luckily, I have plenty to do while the party exhausts themselves on the stairs. I’ll try to stall in Faircrest as long as I can. Call on me there, we’ll use the old names this time.

Jvnjall! Someone just cast a spell in the kitchen!

Rocky Retreat


  • AJ (Soltari En’Vec)
  • Nick C (Quoben Darktracker)
  • Brian (Jik Chelos)
  • Alex (Gab Denton)
  • Nick M (Weymar)
  • Aidan (Devlin)
  1. Documentary

{{Tag put in my DM}}}

Group recollected at evacuation center. Worked with Dame Elana to drive away earth elementals blocking exit from city. Group killed Dame Elana as soon as the threat was neutralized. Most of the treachery happened under a shroud of darkness, but Weymar killed the last soldier in full view of the evacuation center guards.

####Notes to remember

  • Devlin found an assassination contract in the home of DeFrane in the statue district.
  • Both Devlin and Soltary witnessed organized, non-human individuals moving around the city, trying not to attract attention
  • Quoben, Gab, Weymar, and Jik heard rumors of floating ball of flesh with glittering eyes harassing evacuation efforts at the palace.
  • Soltari witnessed individuals leaving through the front gate in the dead of night, unaffected by the elementals. He recognized the female.

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