So it begins...

Session from June 22nd

This session saw the destruction of Arthus Sectorius

Session from March 23rd

Darius got captured in this one.

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The Auction
Feral refugees


  • Killed the mummies no problem. Cleared the fort.
  • Got attacked by will’o’wisps on the way back and had to retreat.
  • Darius found and approached Angrinn. Got him arrested.
Next session


  • Opening speech to town
  • Assigned leadership roles. Yohan to Magister. Arwel to Diplomat. Cpt. Rogers to General (good choice, guys. Drunks make good generals).
  • Did first month of rulership.
  • Went into swamp to find missing caravan.
  • AJ went ahead like a dumbass and nearly got himself killed by mummies. He did get the only caravan survivor killed.
The witches cometh

{{GM tag}}

  • Group gets to RethAelin. Stays with Councilor Endaku. Three women show up in the night, and the group escape as they hear action getting started.
  • THey go straight to Mercurio and return the root. Mercurio cures them, gives them scrolls of scrying, and considers their business concluded. He does allow them to stay in the glade, where the group cannot be scried.
  • Group successfully scry witches at a graveyard.
  • They set up their strategy and go in. Lots of goblins and undead.
  • They get into crypt where witches are. Kill the witches and the Bargheist leading the goblins, then hightail it out of there.
  • When they get back. The Council congratulates them on their work, and mourn for the sudden passing of Councilor Endaku, who “died in a fire”.
  • They promote Jik to a Count and give him the County of Gemini Pass. He is tasked to build up the land in preparation for the coming war.

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