So it begins...

Gehenna probably
Umar Agareth meets a pitiful end.

They killed him slowly

I owe the group a high level loot too.

The False Anchor
I haven't been filling this log out like I should

The party just fought some beholderkin after tripping a trap.


Pixie with the slingshot was named: El’Fox’Poxel’ea

The elder who moved the anchor and went on hiatus is: Gannus

The catfolk psion is named: Kara

The high priestess of the Profane Dominion is: Katharas

The pact

Details of the pact:

  • The demon has one year and one day from the agreement to fullfill the terms of the wish. If he does not, he has defaulted.
  • If before the fulfillment of the wish…
    • …the demon should discorporate or cease…
      • then he is no longer under obligation to fulfill the pact. The signer is still held liable to the pact terms.
      • However, should the signer be the cause this circumstance, he is considered in default.
    • the signer should discorporate or cease…
      • the pact will be void.
      • However, should the signer be the cause of this circumstance, he is considered in default.


  • Demon and agents cannot attack the party.
  • Noncombatants don’t count toward peace consideration.
  • He has to meet with you regularly, once a week.
The tower of Umar Agareth

They split up. Fight some demons. Kill the Lord. Then Endo makes a deal with a demon.

“A peaceful coexistence between the lycastrians and the original inhabitance of this world.”

The Road to Andelor (is very short)

New members came in.

Dr. Albert Snyder

They teleported to Elcenia, and then trekked into the mountains to find the missing curators.

Mind control hijinx.

Fucking Joyriders. Think they're so cool?

They will learn a lesson this day.

Travel towards Elcenia

They’re on their way to the library.

They stole a patrol platform. What a bunch of fucking assholes.

State of Chillburn Affairs

They fully destroyed Arthus Sectorius in this session.
They found that the religions scuffles have started in Chillburn.


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